My Favorite Music Videos of All Time! (by Spike Jonze)

I had every intention of making a post about my favorite music videos, in general.  Then I realized that practically all of my top 5 would be Spike Jonze vids.  Even now after limiting it to just those by Jonze, I've left off some obvious choices.  I mean Sabotage, Cannonball, Undone, Weapon of Choice . . . come on!  Also, if I wasn't such an unabashed Weezer fan, I think number one and two would be switched...the Fatlip video is so sweet.  Enjoy!

5. The Pharcyde - Drop (1996)

4. Bjork - It's Oh So Quiet (1995)

3. Fatboy Slim - Praise You (1998)

2. Fatlip - What's Up Fatlip (2000)

1. Weezer - Buddy Holly (1994)

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straightgangsterism.com said...

You made my day by including "Whats Up Fatlip." I bought that vinyl single when it came out! Loved the video too! And I totally predicted your #1.