My Favorite Maps

I've always been interested in maps and geography.  So much so that I would bite out the shapes of all 50 states from one piece of American cheese as a kid (I'm not kidding).  So, here are a few of my favorite maps.  Many can be found at strangemaps - a great blog!  Maybe if pH still reads this blog he can add some others.

1) Area Codes In Which Ludacris Claims to Have Hoes
There is a great write-up about this here.

2) Music Map of the United States
View big here.
Looks pretty good. However, I think they forgot Speed Garage somewhere in California.

3) Generic Names for Soft Drinks by County
I'm sure you've seen this, but it is pretty awesome.  If there was a way to isolate my house, it would be skewed by my dad's use of "Pepsi" to refer to all soft drinks.

4) Prevalence of States Mentioned in Country-Music Lyrics
I was shocked there's no mention of New Hampshire in Country!

5) Percentage of Light Hair in Europe
This is mainly to challenge my wife's claim to Swedish ancestry.


Mark said...

Before I pass on from this earthly domain, it is my sincerest desire that I may someday witness this awesome display of cheese eating prowess (good god man!).

1. Out-freakin'-standing. Perhaps a tour to the Pacific Northwest??

2. Man, I know the Midwest is white, but goodness...

3. My Nana from Eastern Tennessee calls all sodas "coke."

4. I'd like to think that "the North" is an oft-mentioned state in country music. Challenge accepted, OME: I will take it upon myself to cement New Hampshire's legacy in the realm of the honky tonk.

5. I have light hair, just not much of it!

Tripp said...

Awesome post. The only one I read all the way through on my reader today.