Jazz Guitarists I Like...And Music You Might Use For Sleeping or Studying

Just so you know...

1) Wes Montgomery: He's to me as Django was to Emmet Ray. Love the thumb and especially the octaves!

2) Ed Bickert: Unbelievably beautiful comping. Check him out with Paul Desmond on Pure Desmond!.

3) Lenny Breau: My favorite at artificial harmonics. And comping for himself.

4) Ted Greene: Great harmonic grips.

5) Django Reinhardt: Duh. I did a fairly extensive transcription of this solo even noting his left hand fingering should anyone be interested.

Sure there's some obvious omissions. Next in line would be something like: Joe Pass, Grant Green, Howard Roberts, Charlie Christian, Jim Hall, etc. I guess I lean towards some of the standard "greats." I also lean towards some fingerstyle, dense compers like Breau and Greene. Two other great fingerstyle players: Tommy Crook and Martin Taylor (best guitarist name ever). Biggest shocker: two Tele players in the top 5! It also appears I lean away from some newer, more out there stuff. No negativity towards that. Just preference. Hope you enjoy some of the music.

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