I like the idea of giving things up. I feel it can be quite honorable. My friend in college gave up napkins one lent. I gave up Contemporary Christian Music, although that was not much of a sacrifice. Anyways, I've been pondering some ideas of things to give up this Lenten Season. I've been thinking about things I'm pretty dependent on and deciding what would be an appropriate sacrifice. What do you think of these options?

1. Vowels: Ths wld b t hrd.

2. Wikipedia: I'm a fact nut and I can spend lots of time cycling through the interconnectedness of links here.

3. Times New Roman: I'm pretty dependent on it, but maybe its time for a little spice. Maybe a little webdings spice.

4. Sleeping in: I like to suck sleep up to the last minute. I feel this is crucial.

5. Blogging: Way to easy.

6. Use of the phrase: "being sweet" - is it necessary? I feel while it quintessentially defines me and my personhood, it may be played out.

7.Cracking my big toe: I do it a lot, will it cause me arthritis there?

12. Traditional Numerical and Chronological ordering

9. Not going to the movies: And I do mean give up not going to the movies. I haven't been for a long time and I like movies. I like to watch them.

10. Giving things up. Why not just take everything and become a packrat. Scott told me he saw a special about packrats and they wouldn't let people into their homes for like 10 years because they had so much stuff. This would be a unique life choice.

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